Iron Collection as displayed in the Iron Museum in Porangahau, New Zealand

Iron Museum - Te Whare Whakaatu Haeana o Porangahau
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PANI03232 viewsVietnamese Pan Iron, decoration around the pan looks like coats of arms, handle reattached, bronze, dia: 15.5 cm55555
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PANI02737 viewsVietnamese Pan Iron, round pan with 'Bamboo' decoration, bronze, dia: 12 cm55555
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B01517 viewsScottish box iron, brass post and knobs, 'S' style posts, L 6 3/8'55555
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B00325 viewsScottish Box Iron, liftgate knob broken off55555
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SP0259 viewsTolliker Iron with groove in the middle, L: 11,2 cm, W: 5,8 cm, H: 11 cm44444
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SP02012 viewsSmoothing Stone (Gniddelstein)44444
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PANI06821 viewsVietnamese Pan Iron, bronze, slightly squashed, similar to PANI033 but coats of arms are pronounced, diameter: 14 x 16 cm44444
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FL0284 viewsPerin & Gaff Fluter patented by Mrs. Susan R. Knox, roll 5 3/4', handle repaired, pressure spring missing44444
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B06923 viewsDanish Box Iron with massive steel sole, rounded lift gate, top is riveted on to body. Original wood handle on a pair of well formed uprights. L: 20 cm W: 11 cm, H: 20 cm. With slug, wooden knob on liftgate handle missing44444
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CI00912 viewsToy Iron made from bronze, well used L: 5.5 cm44444
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SP0498 viewsCold Handle, wood grip for sad iron33333
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FI005582 viewsTwo piece toy sad iron,Potts Type 3 11/16' with handle, nickel-plated base, hollow base33333
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